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HIV dating sites provide an opportunity to get acquainted with a soul mate who will understand everything and will always be nearby. Acquaintance of HIV-infected people at the moment is not a rare phenomenon, there is a huge list of resources in the Internet, where these people can safely make plans for the future, discuss the present and nostalize about the past. Today, due to the lack of communication, people are plunging into the world of illusions of virtual relationships. If you conduct a survey, it will immediately become clear, more than 80% of HIV-infected people found their soulmate in the network. Users of HIV dating online services are connected to each other with one problem, which is the meaning of living on, not stopping and not despair. Dating sites for HIV partners are easy to use.

According to statistics, the sites for acquaintance for HIV partners are three times more men than women. At the moment, some services have more than ten thousand users, so there will be enough communication for everyone. These resources are completely free, which is a big advantage. Dating sites for POS singles will give you hope for the future. Not rare cases of meetings in the network of their beloved ones, which will be interesting to communicate in real life. Do not miss the opportunity to find like-minded people!


HIV Dating Community: Revelation


The nature of your relationship or hope for it are the most useful criteria for deciding whether to tell and when to talk about your HIV status. You may consider it very important to be as open and trusting as possible. As a rule, such openness and honesty contribute to strengthening relationships. Keeping your problem a secret may be too heavy a “burden” for you. For some people, it can be difficult when, after safe sex, you reveal your HIV status to a partner. A partner may experience a baseless, but nonetheless real fear of the risk of infection. In this case, the crucial role is played by the level of trust and the quality of the relationships you have achieved. If you tell him/her everything, it will entail a re-evaluation and review of your relationship, but many people have seen that there is always a place for new forms of intimate life and love. On the other hand, your partner may react negatively if he has previously received a hefty dose of disinformation about HIV and AIDS, and feel threatened by your HIV status.

To clarify the situation as follows. You accidentally mention in general terms about HIV or leave prominently leaflets on this topic. By the reaction of your lover, you will be able to predict what his attitude towards you will be after your story about yourself.

Disclosure Before Sex - is a Great Responsibility


For many, the need to disclose their HIV status may seem even worse than inviting someone for a date. But the warning that you are HIV positive is a mental and physical concern about who you would like to become closer to. You must tell about your HIV status before you have sex  or even kiss with a new partner for the first time. The “don't say, just don't ask” policy is not appropriate for your situation. Your only responsibility is to do everything in your power to keep your partner safe. The longer you keep your HIV status information secret, the more difficult it will be to start a conversation. Therefore, it is better to do it early and in a neutral setting than to make excuses, already being alone in bed. In addition, disclosing your HIV status at the very beginning of a relationship speaks about your honesty and openness.

Think about this conversation on the first or second date. This will give your partner time to soberly weigh the pros and cons before your relationship continues to develop. For the conversation about your HIV status, choose a convenient time and place - when both of you will feel comfortable and relaxed. No need to report such information by phone. After all, it is important for you to see the reaction of a potential partner. Get ready for the fact that a person can ask you tactless questions or conduct yourself insulting. Think about how you will end the conversation in this case.


Dating Sites for People With HIV: TOP-5


  1. Positive Singles - one of the best HIV dating sites. HIV positive people need love and tenderness no less than all the others. Here they can avoid loneliness and find a soul mate, create a strong family based on trust and love, find each other and finally become happy. Also, HIV-infected people can simply communicate with others without any hindrance and condemnation, find friends and like-minded people for a pleasant time in the company. If a person is HIV positive, it will be useful for him/her to meet with the same people and experience all the problems together. HIV-positive people often cannot tell anyone what happened to them, are often condemned, which is why they really need to communicate, to be able to share with someone. Such people can meet without registering here, because the administration understands that such individuals need to be helped to be happy;

  2. HIV People Meet - one should pay attention to the fact that free of charge to use all the functionality of the site here can only be girls. Men after the creation of the page should acquire domestic currency - credits. Such a system has obvious advantages, because at the stage of online registration fraudsters and fakes are cut off. Plus, the user fee shows that anyone who wants to make new acquaintances is really ready for something serious. This dating site is positioning itself as a dating service for wealthy and successful men who are looking for a mistress or a serious relationship. HIV People Meet also differs from analogs in a serious moderation service. Employees carefully study each new profile. Non-compliance with the rules may lead to immediate deletion of the account. HIV People Meet official mobile apps are available, you can download them in the App Store or PlayMarket;

  3. Positives Dating - is operating since 2012. Today this HIV positive dating platform contains more than 43 million questionnaires of users from all over the world. Here you can make friends, find an interesting person in the network or build a serious relationship. In this case, the age of partners can range from 18 to 89 years. The site has the ability to connect VIP and Premium statuses. These services will help to speed up the process of online dating significantly and will open up wide opportunities for users to view questionnaires, increase their popularity and write messages;

  4. POZ Personals - This is a modern platform that works for a relatively short time, but already has several tens of millions of registrations. The site brought together users from around the world, which allows not only to find a partner (gay as well) for the evening, but also to improve the knowledge of a foreign language. The age of the audience ranges from 18 to 54 years (but in fact there are more adults). The layout of the sections is standard - guests, profile, messages, likes, search with filters, rating. There is a handy feature “People nearby”, which allows you to find the nearest interlocutors based on the location. Another feature of the POZ Personals dating site is a well thought out questioning system for participants;

  5. POZ Match - after registration, the user is asked to undergo a large survey with questions on various topics - hobbies, hobbies, outlook on life, etc. The results of the survey will help to more accurately choose a pair. Payment of premium services of the Jeempo dating site is possible with the help of bank cards, popular payment systems such as QIWI, WebMoney and SMS. Access from mobile devices is possible only to the web-version of the site. Registration on the resource is simple and convenient; it takes no more than five minutes. To enter this HIV positive dating site, it is enough to specify the goals of dating on the Internet, personal mail and come up with a unique nickname.

Dating With HIV: the Way of Keeping Relations


It's no secret that HIV-positive people today can create families, build happy relationships, have children. Such pairs are called discordant. Couples that are formed after the discovery of HIV in one of the partners, as a rule, are both morally prepared and theoretically savvy for building a life together than couples with already established relationships, in which the infection breaks in unexpectedly. Unfortunately, not all couples can truly (not only externally) accept the changes that a diagnosis entails - there is a hidden fear in communication, everyday fears, very often a healthy partner tries to avoid intimate relationships.

HIV-negative partner should be tested periodically for HIV infection. Partners are recommended to undergo joint consultations and ask specialists as many questions as possible that are disturbing and doubtful. In addition, it allows, by joining efforts, to plunge into a situation, to sincerely support each other, to understand what and when a HIV-positive partner is needed. One must be absolutely sincere in all thoughts, experiences. Psychologists recommend sharing even the most insignificant and minor thoughts, desires - this will allow you not to lose trust and understanding in larger issues. It is important not to become a victim of stereotypes and conjectures concerning dating someone with aids. You need to talk about HIV infection and at home with each other, you need to share your fears, experiences.


The Nuances that Need to be Paid Attention to Relatively HIV Positive People


So, you have met your love by means of AIDS dating site. Of course, such sexual relationships should be protected, and condoms should be the only possible means of contraception. Yes, the therapy that HIV-infected people undergo can prevent the partner from becoming infected, but it is not worth it to risk it once again. Naturally, this measure is removed when the couple starts planning a pregnancy until the moment of conception. The issue of pregnancy in discordant families should be considered separately. It is mandatory that the attending physician of an HIV + partner must be notified of such decisions.

It is important to understand that unprotected sex with an HIV-positive partner does not only increase the risk of contracting a healthy partner. There are a number of diseases that can be present in the body of a healthy person in "sleep mode". An HIV-infected organism can not cope with these viruses. This may cause more rapid development of the disease. In all pairs there are disagreements and misunderstandings - in no case can they be associated with a diagnosis. If you have doubts, you need advice - do not be afraid to communicate with similar couples. Nobody says that former friends are no longer your friends. But it would be nice to make friends with couples who have already gone through all these stages and are ready to help not just with support (all true friends will cope with this), but with practical advice. To meet such friends AIDS dating resources can also be used.

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We care about your privacy and personal information very much. You are not required to submit any information that you are not comfortable with. You can create a private and anonymous profile to start the date. Give us an opportunity to serve you and we promise that you will never be disappointed. Don’t let aids/hiv virus become a barrier in a long lasting relationships. If you are new to the hiv dating, you can check out plenty of informative articles contributed by dating experts that will certainly help you take the right approach to aids dating.